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You May Be Entitled To Receive Money From A Class Action Settlement If You Are or Were An Employee of Guaranteed Rate, Inc. at Anytime from March 28, 2013 to August 28, 2018

Case Summary

A putative class action lawsuit entitled Benita Tadena v. Guaranteed Rate, Inc. was filed on May 2, 2018 in Sacramento Superior Court, Case No. 34-2018-00232323 (the “Action”), alleging that Guaranteed Rate, Inc. (“GRI”) violated California law by failing to properly indemnify employees for their reimbursable expenses, failing to provide properly itemized wage statements, failing to timely pay employees upon termination, improperly calculating commissions and bonuses, and unlawfully deducting wages from employees.

GRI denies the allegations raised in the Action, and asserts that it did not violate the law and has no liability for any of the Settlement Class Members' claims under any statute, wage order, regulation, common law, or equitable theory.

The Settlement Class preliminarily certified by the Court, for settlement purposes, for which the settlement provides benefits if it becomes final, is defined as follows:

All persons who are currently employed, or formerly have been employed, by GRI in California as divisional managers, regional managers, branch managers and loan officers, and in other comparable positions, at any time between March 28, 2013 and August 28, 2018, and who do not timely opt out of the settlement.

The Court will hold a Final Approval Hearing, at 2:00 p.m. on May 29, 2019, at the Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Sacramento, to decide whether to approve the settlement.



Class Counsel represents you in connection with the settlement. You will automatically receive money from the settlement, if you do no submit a request to be excluded from the settlement. Your individual settlement payment will be calculated based on the number of weeks you worked for GRI as reflected in your Class Member Identification and Dispute Form included with your Notice. 

It is important that you carefully check and confirm the dates of employment listed in your Class Member Identification and Dispute Form and correct any inaccuracies. If any of the information is inaccurate or incomplete, please complete and return your Class member Identification and Dispute Form by U.S. Mail, postmarked no later than February 25, 2019.


If you do not wish to be included in the settlement, you must mail to the Claims Administrator the optional Request for Exclusion from the Proposed Class Action Settlement Form which is included with your Notice, postmarked no later than February 25, 2019.

If you send the Optional Request for Exclusion from the Proposed Class Action Settlement Form, you will receive no money from the settlement.


If you do not exclude yourself from the settlement, you may object to it by following the instructions listed here. You must mail your request to the Claims Administrator and the attorneys representing the Parties, postmarked no later than February 25, 2019.

If you properly object, you may also appear and discuss your objections with the Court and the Parties at the Final Approval Hearing set for May 29, 2019.